Résumé du Mythe Nordique

Updated: 7/23/2021
Résumé du Mythe Nordique

Storyboard Description

Créez un résumé de l'intrigue d'un mythe nordique ! C'est un excellent moyen pour les étudiants de visualiser la mythologie.

Storyboard Text

  • I have been having bad dreams. Dreams about darkness and death.
  • We could only not reach the mistletoe, but there is no reason to fear a mistletoe.
  • Odin and Frigg had twin sons, Balder and Hod. Balder, who was the god of summer, sunlight, and forgiveness, was popular and well loved. Hod, on the other hand, had a much darker presence. Blind and the god of winter and warriors, he was quiet and not well known.
  • Loki, the god of trickery, deceit, and shape-shifting, was envious of the attention that Balder received; he wanted him dead. Meanwhile, Balder was having dark and scary dreams about his impending death.
  • To protect her son, Frigg sent her servants to roam the earth, asking all things, both living and not living, to promise not to harm Balder. The mistletoe, which was too far out of reach, was the only thing they did not promise. Frigg tells an old woman, who is really Loki in disguise, of her plan to keep her son safe.
  • At a party of the gods, the young gods took turns throwing things at Balder, and nothing ever touched him. When it was Hod's turn, the arrow that he threw, which was really the mistletoe that Loki had disguised, hit Balder in the heart and killed him.
  • When they tried to push Balder's funeral ship out to sea, it was too heavy. They also tried to beg the underworld for his release, but he was denied when one stubborn giant named Pokk would not agree to weep for him.
  • While trying once again to push the boat, a giantess watching from the hill rode down on a wolf and helped push Balder's boat out to sea.