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Interstellar - Messages from his children
Updated: 11/10/2020
Interstellar - Messages from his children
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  • 1A. WS of Cooper
  • After Cooper leaving his family on earth trying to find an inhabitable planet he sits down after a mission that took 20 years on earth but only 2 hours for him to check if there are messages from his children back on earth. There are a few messages played in sequence.
  • 2A. MS of Older Tom with his son
  • 1B. CU of Tom on TV screen
  • Young Tom in his 20's, in a dark environment close to the camera saying he found the love of his life.
  • 2B. OTS shot Cooper looking TV
  • I think I found "the one"!
  • 1C. WS of Cooper
  • Cooper starts smiling about the news but misses his son.
  • 2C. CU shot of Tom on TV
  • Tom now is older, in his 30's, brighter environment at home showing his baby boy to Cooper.
  • 2D. CU of Cooper crying
  • Cooper is seeing his son Tom and his grandson. He waves at the TV
  • 3A. Cont. OTS of Cooper touching the TV
  • 3rd message from an older Tom, in his 40's says goodbye, not sure if Cooper is alive and tells Cooper that "grampa" died.
  • 3B. Cont. TV turns on, its Murph, Cooper's daughter
  • !
  • Cooper doesn't want to say goodbye to his son and cries over the news that grampa died. He leans towards the TV.
  • 3C. CU of Murph talking on TV
  • Cooper is touching the TV with his hand because the TV turned black. He thinks there are no more messages. He wishes his daughter shows up.
  • 3D. CU of Cooper crying a lot.
  • TV shows the image again. Cooper is surprised, it's Murph, she was mad because he left them on earth. Cooper leans back and listens to her. " Hey dad," she says.
  • 4A. Int. Day. MS of Murph side of the video message.
  • Hey dad!
  • Murph is in her 30's. She is reminding Cooper that now they are the same age, it's her birthday, and finally, she dares to send a video message to him. The camera is zooming in while she speaks.
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  • CU to Cooper's face. He is crying so hard that his eyes and skin are red.
  • Now we are on the other side of the TV after Murph finished her message, she turns the video camera off and gets up, crying (but she didn't let Cooper see her crying on the other side). She gets out of the room and goes do something else. She is at NASA, she works there and is trying to bring the Father back.

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