The Up and Downs of the Mughal Empire
Updated: 2/3/2021
The Up and Downs of the Mughal Empire

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  • Babur Conquers the Gupta Empire
  • Attack!
  • Akbar Abolishing the Jizya
  • Hello Akbar. Here is your money for the Jizya,
  • I abolished the Jizya because I don't think it is fair that Hindus have to pay more than Muslims.
  • Akbar's Tax System
  • In my tax system, your tax is determined by the percentage of your wealth.
  • At eleven years old, Babur was the king of his kingdom in Northwest India where he built a very strong army and conquered all of the Gupta Empire. This was the beginning of the Mughal Empire.
  • Sikh Leader Killed
  • That's what you get for trying to protect my son.
  • When Babur was king, he added the Jizya tax, which was a tax on non-Muslims, but Akbar abolished this because he was very tolerant of other religions. This prevented a lot of rebellion and caused all religions to respect Akbar and the Mughals.
  • Taj Mahal
  • The love of my life has just died. I will build her the most extravagant tomb you will ever find.
  • Akbar's percentage-based tax system was fair because it affected everyone's wealth equally as the poor wouldn't get hit harder than the rich. Many countries still use the percentage tax system made by Akbar.
  • Reinstatement of the Jizya
  • Akbar is wrong. Non-Muslims deserve to pay the Jizya tax.
  • When Jahangir's and Nur Jahan's favorite child, Khusrau, rebelled against them, he went for protection to the Sikhs. Because the Sikhs brought Khusrau in, Jahangir killed the Sikh leader which turned the Sikhs violent.
  • When Mumtaz Mahal, Shah Jahan's wife, died, Shah Jahan decided to build the most extravagant tomb for her called the Taj Mahal, and as a result, bankrupted the country. This led to the downfall of the Mughal Empire, as they barely had any money left over after building the Taj Mahal.
  • Contradicting to Akbar, Aurangzeb reinstated the Jizya, the non-Muslim tax, which caused a lot of rebellion especially from the Sikhs, who had just turned violent. This along with the financial state of the empire caused the downfall of the Mughal Empire.
  • When Akbar was king, he said that it was not fair that non-Muslims had to pay the Jizya.