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Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Thank you for building such a beautiful tomb for my wife Ustad but nothing can make me feel better.
  • Your welcome sir. I did my absolute best to display your wife within my work with the symmetry and perfectness,
  • Every night I miss her. I wish I could just see her one more time.
  • Please mam may I please see my wife one more time?
  • I'm sorry sir but it is for your own good if u don't see her,
  • Shah Jahan Grieved his favorite wife's death for more than 20 years even until after her tomb was finished being built.
  • Fine no one cam ever know I did this.
  • Shah Jahan Stares are the perfect tomb still filled with sorrow.
  • The shipment for all the gems are here
  • 5 Years before
  • Shah Jahan is willing to do anything to see her one more time.
  • Whatever you are putting these gems on is going to be very beautiful.
  • Shah Jahan made the woman cave and show him his wife one last time.
  • Thank you so much
  • Shah Jahan Requested special gems from foreign countries.
  • The trader predicts that the Taj Mahal will be very beautiful with the amount of gems it requires.