Updated: 2/5/2020
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  • The Birth of Roxalena
  • The Imporsonment of Roxalena
  • Roxalena & Suleiman the Magnificent's Marriage
  • Roxalena was born in the year of 1502, and her birth took place in Rohatyn, Ukraine
  • Post-Marriage
  • At the age of 12 Roxalena was taken and held prisoner by the Turkish but it wasn't really a harsh punishment as she was educated and taught about life and it was there where she became a muslim.
  • State affairs
  • Roxalena was Suleiman the magnificent's first and only wife, their marriage lasted for their entire lives. Suleiman's marriage to Roxalena violated a 200-year-old custom of the Ottoman House in which sultans are not to get married to their "concubine". Her marriage to suleiman also meant that she would be "The queen of the ottoman empire".
  • The Death of Roxalena
  • The violation of the 200-year-old rule by suleiman led people to believe that Suleiman was being controlled by Roxalena. During their marriage, Roxalena lived in the sultan's palace for a longer time than many other wifes of old sultans.
  • Thanks to their marriage, Roxalena did not only become Suleiman's wife, with her intelligence, she also acted upon state matters as his chief advisor.
  • Roxalena died in the year of 1558, 15th of april in Topkapi Palace, İstanbul, Turkey and the cause of her death was a Common Cold, and she was burried in Süleymaniye mosque in istanbul, turkey, aswell.
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