Unknown Story
Updated: 3/25/2020
Unknown Story

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  • 1919,A shop in Germany
  • January 13 1921
  • April 5 1923 Streets of Germany
  • My name is Henry vuevue.I am a 30 years old married man with 4 children of age 2,3,4 and 5.I work at a shop where it sells antiques and daily necessities like egg,bread,vases and many more
  • April 6 ,shop i am working in
  • The weimar government announced to the German people that they failed to make a payment and kepted up with the reparation payments by printing more money.The government explained that it was due to the stock market crash in Germany which resulted in an economic crash.
  • May 3,shop i am working in
  • Henry,I am sorry but i will have to fire you.
  • As the German Government printed more money the more its value decreases.The poor were hit hard,but wealthier German and the middle class felt the most bitter.Their savings were wiped out overnight.1 kg of bread was 0.29 marks in 1913 and 428000000000marks in november 1923.
  • building near my working place
  • I went to work the next day with my boss,Mr Fred where he was with me attending the store.The goods at my stall had to increase in the price to reduce profit loss.
  • One day,my boss walked up to me and told me that he could not afford to continue hiring me as the economy is bad and their shop had not been making money lately and asked me to leave the shop by the end of the day
  • While I was on the way back home,I was scared till i cried that since i was retrenched,i would not be able to find a job again due to the current economy and i was the sole breadwinner as my four children and wife depends on me to make a living