part 3
Updated: 11/29/2020
part 3

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  • Capulet:You must marry Paris or else, you will be kicked out of the home.
  • Paris:I am so excited to marry Juliet.
  • Friar:Good son,I am happy for you.
  • Paris:Here is my future wife.
  • Juliet:That is if we ARE getting married.
  • Leave the Friar and I to speak.
  • Juliet:I don't wish to marry the county, father.
  • Friar Lawrence:Here here my dearest Juliet, I have a plan.
  • Friar:Here, drink this, you'll appear dead for 24 hours. I'll send a letter to Romeo telling him the plan and you can escape Verona together.
  • Juliet:Oh my, if this is what it will take to be with Romeo, I'll do it. Thanks Friar.
  • Be careful child.
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