Robin Hood
Updated: 5/19/2018
Robin Hood
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A retold story.. Based on Robin Hood but with animals!

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  • One day..
  • Ahh! It's an ambush!
  • Hello gentlemen, I see you have been busy - as usual.
  • never!
  • hand over the treasure!
  • You'll pay for this!
  • Why did I agree to this... Now I'm just floating, on a log..
  • moments later...
  • have a nice journey, you should find your way home - eventually..
  • Soon, Robin Hood took off with the treasure the thief stole from the people.
  • gah! Oh I think I’m fine..
  • Hey Robin! What's all that treasure for? I'll be glad to help you carry it all.
  • Nobody trusts you sense you stole a home..
  • Russel, I don't need your HELP, and it's none of your business either.
  • FINE!
  • Russel stomps off, planning for revenge.. but soon
  • Hello Robin, seems like you have been busy..
  • Robin started sleeping then somebody comes in...
  • after their short talk The cat’s father jumped in
  • Nothing father just talking.. *roles eyes*
  • Where have U been?!
  • It took the feline cat some time to think about what to say after the VERY LONG TIME of fighting
  • well.. at least, ROBIN IS BETTER THAN U! HAHA
  • Maria's dad got up and left, after the big insult, she gave.
  • The king gives off a sigh & keeps walking
  • **sigh**
  • are u ok dear?
  • soon, the queen comes in...
  • YES.. i'm fine
  • tell me what's actually wrong, mister..
  • I SAID I"M FINE! D=<
  • TELL ME RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!!!!! U know what will happen mister..
  • MUM?
  • To Be Continued...
  • fine... our daughter...she..she hates me.
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