Lloyd and Jayde 1

Updated: 9/2/2020
Lloyd and Jayde 1

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  • Do I have to?
  • Lloyd dinner's almost ready can you go get your sister?
  • Listen to your mother.
  • Lee, dinner's ready!!
  • Sis?
  • Lloyd Garmadon lived a quiet life with his two parents and for the most part he was happy. But he wasn't an only child.
  • Do you want something? I'm a bit busy at the moment.
  • Mom wants you to come down for dinner. Maybe your music is too loud.
  • I SAID.... Never mind.
  • Annoyed, Lloyd went to get his sister. Her name was Lee and she and Lloyd were identical twins. But only identical in the fact that they looked the same, they had very different personalities.
  • AND she's got the best grades too.
  • Like I told you we're siblings... Grades and gym don't matter to us.
  • Hey Lloyd I heard that your sister beat you in gym again. It must be embarrassing to have your sister beat you
  • While Lloyd was kind, quiet, and understanding. Lee was...
  • WOW Lee's so amazing!
  • the complete opposite. Gifted in both music and art Lee tended to accidentally be snappy and rude.
  • WHAT??
  • But what was really embarrassing was the fact that she was also smart and a great athlete.
  • But sometimes it got a little annoying.
  • Yeah, not even her own brother can beat her.