Updated: 6/15/2020

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  • Son, I know you said you didn't need to and its totally up to you, but I think we should go see a doctor!
  • Great Job son really proud of you. Lets go get you cleaned up, you smell like your mother!
  • Hello Paris, long time no see. Have a seat make your self at home.
  • As a family member or parents its the worse thing to do is to force them to do something they don't have to or feel as if they don't need to as this may cause them to lash out and harm. The best thing to do is give them a choice and options.
  • Great work son, If you need any help I'll be in the other room
  • It is always important to keep on encouraging them and keeping them happy by making them laugh and smile, it is also important that you don't also loose your sense of humour. Make sure the character has clean clothes and looks good in them as this will bring there self confidence up. and make them happy.
  • He is doing great!
  • Its very important when going to a doctor to talk that the patient knows the doctor or therapy person in order for them to feel comfortable and at home which will make them calmer and more willing to talk about what they are feeling and ways to go around schizophrenia.
  • It is important that you let them do things by them self and not empower them and make sure you don't take over the tings that they are capable of doing. This is also very important if they are going through treatment, this will bring there independence back.
  • When they are on there medication or treatment it is crucial that you monitor them and watch for signs and symptoms of schizophrenia to relay and come back.
  • Make sure to get he or she outside in the fresh air, or somewhere outside they feel safe and comfy to help them with treatment and bond with the environment instead of inside sitting and watching a screen.
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