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Clementina Golden Droplets - Second Wave
Updated: 9/25/2020
Clementina Golden Droplets - Second Wave
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Storyboard Description

Clementina Golden Droplets is a seven-year-old character who promotes healthy living and the release of emotions. At the end of every episode, Clementina leads a quick breathing exercise and children’s guided meditation that she learned from her mother who is a certified Yoga instructor

Storyboard Text

  • SHOT #1 - Full Shot
  • SHOT #1.A - Medium Shot
  • SHOT #1.B - Close Up
  • C
  • C
  • C
  • SHOT #1.C - Full Shot
  • SHOT #2 - Full Shot
  • SHOT #2.A - Cowboy Shot
  • ACTION: Introduction of main characterDIALOGUE: (Narrator) 'This is Clementina Golden Droplets...FX: Intro music (think of Schitt's Creek trombone)
  • SHOT #2.C - Close Up
  • ACTION: Clementina has a juicy orange already peeled and takes a big bite with enjoying faceDIALOGUE: (Narrator) '...a seven years old whose favoruite colour is... (pause) you guessed it right. Clementina loves fruitFX: Low Music
  • SHOT # 3 - Wide Shot
  • ACTION: Close up to the oranges that will have a sticker with the letter "C"DIALOGUE: (Narrator) '...and vitamin CFX: Low Music
  • SHOT #4 - Wide Shot
  • ACTION: Clementina flexes muscles DIALOGUE: (Narrator) ' it keeps her strong and healthy...FX: Low Music
  • SHOT #4.1 - Extreme Wide Shot
  • ACTION: Change scene, now Clementina gets ready to leave the house with her momDIALOGUE: (Narrator) Clementina Golden Droplets lives with her mom Ginger, who is a certified Yoga Instructor. They are going out to do the thing that Clementina loves more than fruit. And that is going to the supermarket...FX: Music fades out
  • SHOT #4.2 - Close Up
  • ACTION: Clementina and Mama Ginger first dialogueDIALOGUE: (Clementina) Come on mom, I want to get there before the crowds to find fresh veggies...(Mama Ginger) All right Clem, let's goFX: None. Pure dialogue
  • SHOT #5 - Medium Shot
  • ACTION: Clementina closes the door but remembers she forgot her mask DIALOGUE: (Narrator) '...oops Clementina Golden Droplets, don't forget your maskFX: Transition music to the next scene
  • ACTION: On their way to the supermarket DIALOGUE: NoneFX: Ride music. Indistinctive chatter
  • ACTION: Lineups outside the supermarket DIALOGUE: (Narrator) oh-oh, what is happeningFX: Suspense music
  • ACTION: Camera pans to the crowd that goes around the cornerDIALOGUE: (Clementina) oh-oh, what is happening outsideFX: Suspense music fades out
  • ACTION: Camera zooms in to the sign and Clementina asks her mom DIALOGUE: (Clementina) Mom, what is 2nd wave?(Mom) Sigh. Clems, second wave is the increase of positive cases of COVID-19FX: None
  • ACTION: Mama Ginger looks neutral and explains DIALOGUE: (Mom) Once the summer is over and the school starts, there is more risk to acquire a virus and seems like cases are increasing nowFX: None
  • SHOT #5.A - Medium Close Up
  • SHOT #5.B - Medium Close Up
  • SHOT #5.C - Extreme Close Up
  • SHOT #5.D - Medium Shot
  • SHOT #5.E - Cutaway
  • Cl3M3NT1N4
  • SHOT #5.F - Medium Shot
  • ACTION: Clementina's face slowly transition from sad to sighs, connecting dots in her head. She won't enter the supermarketDIALOGUE: NoneFX: Sad music fades in
  • SHOT #5.G - Close Up
  • ACTION: Clementina slowly shows watery eyesDIALOGUE: NoneFX: Sad music low volume. Sounds of trying to contempt the cry
  • SHOT #5.H - Close up
  • ACTION: Clementina is now at full lungs. Mouth wide open. She starts releasing orange droplets from her eyes. This is her uniqnessDIALOGUE: NoneFX: Full crying
  • SHOT #5.G - Close Up
  • ACTION: Mama Ginger and Clementina start dialogue DIALOGUE: (Mama Ginger) Clementina, I know is hard, but by going one person at a time we all can keep a better physical distancingFX: Life lesson music bed
  • SHOT #5.H - Close up
  • ACTION: Sequence interrupted by rear view. Conversation continues, giving an illusion that goes for longDIALOGUE: NoneFX: Low music. Indistinctive chatter
  • SHOT#5.I - Close Up
  • ACTION: Orange droplets start fading. Clementina looks more empathetic. The mom has calmed her downDIALOGUE: (Mama Ginger) ...And that is the reason why it is important for us to collaborateFX: Low Music. Clementina ending crying sounds
  • SHOT #5.J - Close Up
  • ACTION: Clementina starts breathing excercise and guided meditationDIALOGUE: (Clementina) Now that I understand how important it is to flatten the curve, I will do a breathing excercise. FX: None
  • ACTION: Clementina continues guided breathing exercises DIALOGUE: (Clementina) Breath in, hold for four seconds, breath out... FX: None
  • ACTION: Clementina continues DIALOGUE: (Clementina) Breath in, hold for four seconds, breath out... FX: None
  • ACTION: Clementina finalzes guided breathing exercises DIALOGUE: (Clementina) Breath in, hold for four seconds, breath out... let's go one more timeFX: None
  • ACTION: Clementina breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audienceDIALOGUE: (Clementina) Remember, the second wave is a spike in COVID-19 cases. If you want more information check out our website or ask your parents or teachersFX: End music starts
  • ACTION: Clementina takes mask out of a brown bag and puts onDIALOGUE: (Clementina) And don't forget... (puts mask) practice physical distancing and wash your hands. Until next timeFX: End Music + credits. END
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