Sample of Final 2020 English 2 Honors

Updated: 10/27/2020
Sample of Final 2020 English 2 Honors

Storyboard Text

  • Winston, Over here....we are on your side. Don't be afraid!
  • Winston, you are safe now. Here we believe in freedom to think.
  • What will the Party say? What will Big Brother say, Montag?
  • We need to make the world wake up and think. You don't have to burn a book to get people to stop reading.
  • So it isn't crazy? If we all join together we can change things?
  • Montag sees Winston running for his life and in a panic. Montag has been traveling with a group of undercover academics for nearly a decade.
  • Dear World,Wake up! Once you stop thinking, humanity is doomed.
  • Winston reluctantly joins the group.
  • It's time to wake up!
  • Montag teaches Winston that eventually societal control eventually happens without much enforcement. Winston explains that there is power in numbers.
  • What will you do to protect our human rights?
  • Winston joins the group and takes to mass media, putting the truth into the world rather than just a government message.
  • The next generation needs to wake up to what we are doing to restrict thoughts. We need to preserve the lessons of the past.
  • Reading, thinking, speaking, and connecting are part of what makes us human.