Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • In town, Ryvia bought a donkey, I got my cape fixed, and Triskell fell in love with the blackmith. They met under the full moon...
  • <3
  • We got a free sample of some crazy bud from the apothecary. We tripped balls for an entire day! We both had some intense visuals.
  • WTF are these guys doing to the tree?
  • William informs the party that there is a monster eating all the ungulates in the villages. Mahena and Maku tracked the beast to a cave outside thr forest. We arrive at different times but enter together. Mission is to capture beast and bring it back alive. Triskell is appointed leader, Ryvia 2nd in command. Triskell discovers it is some sort of shape shifter...
  • After a long battle, we winded the beast--BUT two more teams came in at the end...
  • Let's be diplomatic here..
  • Share the points, be clear WE took it down. You tie it up and carry it back!
  • They did hurt us...
  • We can ALL carry the load...
  • Zzzz
  • Time to meet my sexy man under the full moon
  • Imma go get drunk
  • We watched William inspect the beast
  • WTF is this?
  • Sucks we only got 1pt and they got 2...