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Updated: 10/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Boston tea party -1773
  • The Boston Massacre -1770
  • French and indian war-1754
  • The Boston Tea Party is actually angry colonists throwing tea into the sea because they had to pay to many taxes.But it is known that the only thing that they damaged on the ship was the tea.
  • signing the Declaration of indep.-1776
  • Patriots Fought over the Occupation of the British troops.Five Patriots were killed one known as Crisper Atuks who is the first person to be killed in the Boston Massacre.
  • Stamp Act -1765
  • The French and indian war was caused by a argument between the french and indians. whether upper Ohio river valley was party of the British Empire.
  • sugar act-1764
  • Thomas Jefferson,John Adams,Ben franklin ,Roger sherman ,and Robert R Livingston made the Declaration of independence.
  • The stamp act was when King George III taxed all paper such as newspapers Even ordinary play cards.Not Uno Cards!!!!!!!
  • The sugar act was intended to Encourage trade with the British west indies.
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