Fantastic Mr. Fox Vocabulary
Updated: 2/9/2017
Fantastic Mr. Fox Vocabulary
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Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

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Written by Roald Dahl, one of the greatest story tellers of all time, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a hilarious book that readers in Grades 2-5 will adore. Three horribly cruel, but also entertaining farmers are out for revenge against Mr. Fox, who has been stealing their livestock to provide for his wife and four baby foxes. Students will love to cheer on Mr. Fox and his family as he hatches a plan to outwit the farmers. This short, but delightful novel is full of rich vocabulary that will leave readers and teachers hungry for more. It is the perfect book to introduce young readers to Roald Dahl and all of his delightful works.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Fantastic Mr Fox book by Roald Dahl - Vocabulary

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  • (Adj.) Full of people, animals, etc. that are all moving around. They were in a huge shed and the whole place was teeming with chickens!
  • (Adj.) Willing to do anything to change a very bad situation, and not caring about danger. Mrs. Fox knew that he was trying desperately to find a way out.
  • (V.) To move around an area slowly and quietly, especially in search of something. "You'll never come prowling on my farm again!"
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