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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Me too they have so much cotton and we could really use it.
  • I hope that one day Texas will become apart of the U.S
  • I brought you here because I need help starting a colony.
  • No we need the supplies it gives us.
  • We want Texas for ourselves!
  • There was a reason many Americans felt that Texas was so valuable. Much of this region was well suited for growing cotton, the South's most valuable cash crop. Southerners hoped one day Texas would become part of the United States.
  • I hate the governing here everything is in Spanish
  • I agree I am no longer taking orders from them.
  • Stephen F. Austin arrived in Texas just as Mexico declared its independence from Spain and took control of Texas. Mexican officials agreed to let Austin start his colony under certain conditions, including that he select only moral and hardworking settlers.
  • I hate these Americans they came without our permission!
  • Yes! They have no respect for our culture.
  • The success of Austin's colony started a rush of settlers to Texas. By 1830, there were about 25,000 Americans in Texas, compared to 4,000 Tejanos, but tensions between the two groups soon arose.
  • We need to do something about the Americans and texans.
  • I suggest a revolution!
  • The Americans had several complaints. They were used to governing themselves, and they resented taking orders from Mexican officials. They were unhappy that all official documents had to be in Spanish, a language most of them were unwilling to learn.
  • The Tejanos had their own complaints. They were unhappy that many American settlers had come to Texas without Mexico's permission. Worse, most of these new immigrants showed little respect for Mexican culture and had no intention of becoming citizens.
  • Americans in Texas resented these actions. A group led by a lawyer named William Travis began calling for revolution. Another group led by Stephen F. Austin asked the Mexican government to reopen Texas to immigration and to make it a separate Mexican state so that Texans could run their own affairs.