The Enterlopers

The  Enterlopers

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  • "... Patrolled the dark forest in quest of a human enemy"
  • A famous lawsuit...had wrested it.
  • I am the inheritor of the quarrel
  • In the Karpathian forest a man named Ulrich guards his parts of the forest.
  • He strayed away by himself from the watchers whom he had placed in ambush.
  • The past battle of his family to regain , from the law, the restitution of their land .it Description
  • He came face to face with the man he sought.
  • George didn't accept the idea, he wanted to protect his rights for hunting in this land.
  • But a man who has been brought up under the code of retraining civilisation...
  • Ulrich is preparing for his showdown with Gorg by hiding and thus gaining the element of surprise.
  • A deed of nature's own violence...
  • Ulrich wanted to punish Gorg but without witnesses. Just at that moment fateful meeting occurs between the two men.
  • At least it was evident that he couldn't move.
  • Ulrich was a man of good education and pacifist, so he first wanted to have a conversation with Gorg before using force.
  • But a wild storm struck them. Trees fail and buried them. They were severely injured and couldn't move.
  • They laid together beside one another. They couldn't do anything. Around them were a mess of branches and twigs.
  • Even in their distress and bad position, they found way to quarrel with their words and to mock each other.
  • And he laughed again mocking ...
  • When my men come to release us, you will wish...
  • Both have now given up the useless struggle.
  • Let's drink even if tonight one of us dies.
  • They threatened each other about how faith caught them.
  • Each one had his argument for threatening the other.
  • In all the countryside there are none that could hinder if we willed to make peace.
  • Ulrich seams to lighten the burden of his enemy by proposing a drink.
  • I can see figures coming through the wood.
  • Ulrich wanted to make reconciliation with Gorg. He thought they were behaving like fools. He gave to Gorg a proposition.
  • I've come to think we've been rather fools.
  • Gorg asked Ulrich for peace, then to invite each other like old friends. Ulrich accepted his proposition.
  • Finally the men arrived to rescue them. Are they Ulrich men? Who are they? Asked Gorg "Wolves"

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