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Johnny and the Bullies
Updated: 10/5/2020
Johnny and the Bullies
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  • Super rock boogers!!! AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-CHOO!!!
  • Hi. I'm going to tell you a story. This story is about Johnny.
  • Now Johnny was bullied. Bullied by people as mean as murder hornets.
  • Get him.
  • So he thought the bullies were friends. When the bullies stuffed fish as slippery as wet wipes in Johnny's pants all Johnny said was...
  • The bullies called Johnny dork face. Johnny thought that dork meant strong. As strong as a sumo wrestler!
  • Ahhh. Now that feels good.
  • Then one day the bullies chased Johnny into the candy store. They ran into a mountain of toxic waste candies which gave them...
  • Superpowers!!! Johnny had good superpowers, and the bullies had evil super powers! As evil as Megatron!
  • The fight began! Bully number 1 shot phlegm as slimy as snails out of his mouth!
  • Super phlegm breath!!
  • Time to cook this phlegm with my lasers and eat it with my super stomach!!!
  • Then bully number 2 shot rock boogers out of his nose as fast as speeding bullets!
  • I will cut those rocks in half with my plasma hands!
  • But then...
  • I have the greatest power of all!!! I can take Johnny's powers for myself!!!
  • Johnny lost his powers because bully number 3 took them away with his lasers! Now Johnny was as weak as a worm.
  • Johnny didn't give up! He told a teacher and stood up to the bullies
  • But it didn't work. The teacher didn't believe Johnny and rejected him like a girlfriend dumping her boyfriend when she sees he is as messy as her dog with diarrhea!
  • When Johnny stood up to the bullies the bullies just beat him up, like baby lion cubs beating up each other.
  • What is the moral of this story? Never stand up to bullies with super powers.
  • But wait our story does not end there!!!
  • The bullies lost their powers because we need a good ending. Now Johnny had the best idea! As good as Thomas Edison's bright idea for the lightbulb!
  • YANK!!!
  • YANK!!!
  • YANK!!!
  • Johnny gave all the bullies a wedgie!
  • I can't show you them because they look ridiculously stupid with their underwear over their faces. Johnny pulled that underwear super high! There was nothing left for them to do but apologize.
  • We are sorry for bullying you.
  • Whats the real moral of the story? Haven't you ever read a book before? It's always NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!
  • The End
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