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Updated: 7/30/2020
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  • Waiting for Dee
  • She'll be back soon.
  • 10 years ago...
  • It's so fun:)
  • Dee's arrival with a man
  • I'm not Dee.She's dead.
  • مرحبا
  • There are two daughters and their mother. They're African-American. Mama and Maggie are waiting for Dee's arrival. Mama is very strong and raises the children by herself. Maggie and Dee have very different personalities. Maggie is always jealous.
  • Dee's Purpose
  • More than a decade ago, Maggie was burned in a house fire. But, Dee looks so happy. Like this, Dee is malicious and not into her family. She is nice hair, full body, clever, and ambitious. On the contrary, Maggie is weak, unattractive, not smart, and has burn scars.
  • The way one protect tradition
  • You don't understand...
  • When Dee arrives, she is with a man who is Islam. Dee tell Mama she changed her name 'Dee' to 'Wangero-' in order to protest Black American's problem. It represents a belief in religion and race. Dee takes pictures of Mama and Maggie like tourist.
  • Maggie's true smile
  • Why does Dee is back to the house? For seeing her family? She doesn't. She wants to get their cherished daily necessities to only display in her house;"artistic value". Firstly, she wants to get the butter churn to display on the dinning table. Next is one kilt.
  • Mama is going to give Maggie the kilt for wedding gift. So, Maggie is disappointed. But, Mama doesn't accept Dee's wish. This scene tells the way one protect tradition. Mama and Maggie claim that it's important to use them everyday to save culture and think for their family. But, Dee wants to keep them in good condition for artistic.
  • Dee gave up and came back to Hakim a Barber. Mama and Maggie are sitting on their ground until they go to bed and Maggie shows her truly smile. This story have strong two themes. One is how to protect culture, tradition, belief and love. The other one is sisterhood inferiority and bond between parent and child.
  • It's a really new day for us.
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