Japan Buddhism
Updated: 2/14/2020
Japan Buddhism
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  • I worship Buddhism and Shinto
  • Amida! Amida! Amida!
  • A popular religion in Japan was Buddhism. Buddhism came from Korea, while most people also followed Shinto for daily life and Buddhism for spiritual life.
  • I am praying to the river Kami so I can get water to my crops
  • There are many sects of Buddhism, like Pure Land Buddhism. Many people worship Buddhism for its happy messages. They believe in a god called Amida who founded a paradise in the clouds.
  • Most shrines were in the woods and you can still find them today
  • Another sect of Buddhism is Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism uses meditation and martial arts to take better control of there spiritual mind and spiritual body.
  • I still practice Shinto in 2020
  • While people were practicing Buddhism for when they die. People also practiced Shinto. The Shinto religion thought that all natural things (mountains,river,trees) all have spirits. this idea is called animism.
  • When people needed help they called onto Kami. Which are the different spirits that they worship. Japanese people would make shrines for the Kami.
  • The word Shinto means "way of the spirits" and many Japanese still worship Shinto today. Followers today believe that Kami will only help people who are pure.
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