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Updated: 3/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The sun is the main source of energy in the water cycle, and allows for evaporation to occur.
  • Willy the water drop is among the other water droplets as they evaporate into the atmosphere! ->
  • Willy evaporated into the clouds, where he condenses from water vapor back into a rain droplet.
  • Water droplets fall from the clouds and disperse into several areas around the Earth
  • Other water droplets seep into the ground, and this is known as groundwater. ->
  • Runoff is water droplets that flow into lakes and rivers on the Earth. Willy is apart of the lake and will flow toward the ocean where he will start the process all over again. ->
  • Groundwater enters the soil of the Earth ->
  • Water moves through the plants and evaporates from its stems, leaves, and flowers. <-
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