Sam's Life.

Updated: 7/6/2020
Sam's Life.

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  • So the plan is...
  • We know Sloan's next plan, it's talk, talk, talk.
  • This is Marcos.Sloan's hideout is ins the old boathouses.
  • Sloan gave Sam this which we know is not from Marco as he can't spell his own name.
  • Sir, Sloan stole some bean-bags from the reading corner.
  • Be careful though sir Sloan can be a bit - protective of his den.
  • Thank you boys. Me and Mrs Loretta will take care of this.
  • They're in the oldboathouse with him and Elizebeth.
  • And we know where he took them so that you can go and get them.
  • Did you do it Lily?
  • Yes Sam, I swapped his beanbag for a school one and left just before they arrived.
  • Sloan's such a good boy! He'd never do this!
  • I agree.
  • Wow! Sloan has the head wrapped around his little finger!
  • One, don't call me Liz. Two, the trap's been triggered.
  • Face it Liz, they realized that we sent the letter and aren't coming. They're never going to arri...
  • Drip,drip,drip.
  • 15 minutes and one giant boxing glove later...
  • ,,,,,
  • We'll have to...
  • Drip,drip,drip.
  • Drip,drip,drip.
  • ...expel them.