English Comic (continued) Iman
Updated: 5/23/2020
English Comic (continued) Iman

Storyboard Text

  • Insurance companies were paying the government to do this. They were benefitting from the deaths of thousands of citizens who were unable to obtain medicine.
  • The government forced every household to give up at least one of their sons if they had any. Officials claimed that the country had gone to war with a neighboring one.
  • In reality, the recruited "soldiers" were sent to work in the mines to extract valuable gems and ores for the government. The war was a lie. There was no need for soldiers.
  • The governor of Slaughterville began living like a king from ancient times. He started to lose his mind.
  • The wife of the governor, Wisteria, was uncomfortable with this new life and the lies. Her husband, Damien, sensed her discomfort.
  • He burned her alive and continued his deceit. He succeeds in fooling the general public for many years to come. His subjects die in oppression until no more are born. Slaughterville becomes a ghost town, leaving future generations to wonder what happened to it.