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Math Comic book
Updated: 10/3/2020
Math Comic book
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  • So, what should we play guys?
  • How about that new game about translating expressions?
  • how do you even do that?
  • You have to translate word phrases into algebraic expressions
  • hmmm...6-n?
  • Kim, how would you translate 6 minus a number?
  • Perfect!! You get to move up a space.
  • Yes!
  • Um... n-10!
  • Chris, how would you translate this; subtract a number from 10.
  • Yes Tina! You can move up one space
  • Not quite, since the number is being taken away FROM 10, then it would be 10-n
  • Rachel, how would you translate this; Ty is 3 years younger than Ray, who is n years old
  • Easy! n-9
  • Im still confused guys...
  • Try this; A number decreased by 7.
  • Oh! n-7
  • Great Job!!!
  • 45 Minutes Later....
  • Right now we're tied between Chris and Kim...whoever gets this question first wins!
  • What is...five more than twice a number?
  • 5+2n!!!
  • Nope!! Chris?
  • Uh...2n+5!
  • Correct!! Great Job Chris!!!
  • We're glad that you got more of an understanding of the concept!!
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