The Outsiders Alternate Ending - English 7-G
Updated: 3/21/2021
The Outsiders Alternate Ending - English 7-G

Storyboard Text

  • 2 - Umm Hi, my name is Johnny Cade and this is my friend Ponyboy Curtis. I killed Bob Sheldon, he did nothing.
  • The Fire at the Church
  • 1 - Aww man, I feel so bad, Ponyboy shouldn't have to be responsable for my acions...
  • Hey sleepy head! Wake up! We will turn ourselves in today
  • 3 - Oh no Ponyboy, we don't need more lies *Johnny whispers*
  • 2 - Look kid, you got two choices, either you go to prison to take your brother's responsibilities for 6 years of you're out of the state, NO COMING BACK
  • 1 - Hello boys, and who you might be?
  • 4 - Oh no, we shall call your parents and take the correct mesures, meanwhile, Johnny, you stay in here
  • Johnny wakes up Ponyboy
  • They turn themselves in
  • As worried Ponyboy tries to exit a burning Church somehow with a group of children, a piece of wood has fallen onto Johnny and he is left trapped without Ponyboy noticing.
  • The Curtis brothers arrive
  • The burning incident was a dream and Ponyboy was still sleeping before Johnny came in to tell him that today was the day they would turn themselves in.
  • The Curtis boys say goodbye to the guys
  • 1 - Guys, I've made the desicion of moving to Florida, Johnny we're taking you with us, we've talked with your parents. I have found a great job there.
  • While in the police station, Ponyboy takes the blame for Bob's death leaving Johnny feels extreme guilt for not standing up. Officer #2 leads "Johnny" to a prison cell while his brothers come.
  • They arrive to Florida
  • As the Curtis brothers arrive, Ponyboy is in a prison cell and Johnny doesn't know what to do. Darry is trying to sort things out with the cops.
  • They make the desicion of going to live to Florida, close to Sandy and Soda is overwhelmend with joy. Johnny comes along, leaving the rest of the gang in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They say goodbye for the last time.
  • 2 - Omg, we're gonna be close to Sandy!
  • They get to Florida and Soda and Sandy unite again, Darry opens the door for the new apartment and Johnny and Ponyboy read "Gone With The Wind".
  • 2 - Sandy!
  • 1 - Omggg Soda!! I missed you sooo much