Life on Kepler 425b
Updated: 4/30/2020
Life on Kepler 425b

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  • Time for school children, we don't want to be late!
  • Hello students and welcome to Other World History. In this class we will be looking at the history of different worlds in our universe. This weeks unit we will be looking at Earth, and the effects that made it's inhabitants extinct.
  • What I don't get is how the planet survived and the inhabitants- Humans I think he called them- went extinct.
  • I can't believe what happened to Earth, I didn't know you could mess up a planet like that.
  • Sleep chamber time, no holophone!
  • Sleep chamber time, no holophone!
  • Well, humans are outlawed on Kepler, in fear they will repeat mistakes that they did on Earth. You mustn't tell ANYONE this, but your brother is human. I took him in when he was an infant and raised him on Kepler.
  • Mother, is it possible that there are humans living among us, they seem to look very similar
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