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Comic book 2
Updated: 9/25/2020
Comic book 2
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  • Welcome to my Physics class today we are going to learn about Newton's laws. What is your guys names
  • Mrs.Krab's classroom
  • My name is Luke
  • My name is Mary
  • Do you know what the first Newton's law
  • Mrs.Krab's classroom
  • ummm
  • The first law is objects at rest remain at rest and objects in motion remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an unbalanced force
  • Do you guys know what the second and third law is
  • Mrs.Krab's classroom
  • The second one is force equals mass times acceleration
  • The third one is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  • Welcome to my Physics class today we are going to learn our vocab words. What is your guys names
  • physics: is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact.
  • Science: is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.
  • Mrs.Krab's classroom
  • My name is Aiden
  • My name is Katie
  • these are our vocab words Physics, Science, Theory, Observation, Inference, Hypothesis, Independent variable and Dependent variable
  • Theory: traditionally refers, somewhat vaguely, to a given set of notions and rules, usually formulated in the language of mathematics, that describe how some physical system or class of physical systems behaves.
  • Observation: can also involve the perception and recording of data via the use of scientific instruments
  • Mrs.Krab's classroom
  • Inference: a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.
  • Nice job you guys got them all right
  • Independent variable: is the variable the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable.
  • Mrs.Krab's classroom
  • Dependent variable: is the variable being tested and measured in an experiment, and is 'dependent' on the independent variable
  • Hypothesis: a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.
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