Trust and Promise
Updated: 6/24/2020
Trust and Promise
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  • Once, there lived two friends, Raja and Ronald. One day-
  • Dear Raja, I have failed in the singing competition, but make this a secret and don't tell it to other friends
  • OK Ron, I will promise that I'll keep this a secret.
  • But in the classroom, the classmates started making fun of Ronald.
  • Ha Ha, Look at that failure Ronald, who failed that the School Singing competition.
  • Thus, he he knew Raja broke the promise. During the break:
  • Raja, Why did you tell the secret to others?
  • Now, I am humiliated.I need to go somewhere, please leave me.
  • Whaat!, I am not leaving you. Just take till tomorrow, please? Just tomorrow.
  • I wasn't planning to. But it accidentally spoke to Roein about it. he must have passed it to their classmates.
  • Ronald told Raja only tomorrow, The next day when the friends bullied him-
  • Raja helped Ronald by telling them and being with Ronald as well as helped in Singing.
  • Could you guys stop. Even if he's failed in one, he's never going to fail in another.
  • And they lived happily in the school Never to break each other's promises and being trust worthy to each other.
  • Ronald saw how Raja is putting effort on him.One day, During the break, he thanked him, Saying-
  • It's OK, Next time onward, We will never break our own promises.
  • Thank you Raja, I am Sorry for abusing you. Please forgive me.
  • Moral of the Story-
  • 1. Become Trust worthy2. Keep your promise
  • 1. Do not break any promise.2. Do not stop trustworthiness
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