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Updated: 6/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Come on, man, Shell, what wrong with you, eh - you keeping a man waiting.
  • Coming!
  • What's dragon blood?
  • Oh that's something from the drug-store. To make them fierce. They too dam' lazy. With dragon blood, they'll tear up their own mother to pieces.
  • Mr. Gidharee and Shell were going to Cedar Grove. Shell was very nervous and fearful, but he tried to tell himself that things would be all right. Yet, he felt he was taking a big risk going into Cedar Grove today, as Mr. Gidharee might have found out what happened between him and Rosalie.
  • Shell had not seen the dogs for a little while. They looked more powerful and restless than he had known them, and they seemed so much on edge that he had to be careful. It was because Mr. Gidharee was giving them dragon blood.
  • Well, a big man like you get frighten for a little dog! Jesus Christ!
  • Shell was so relieved when he got to Cedar Grove and Mr. Gidharee released the dogs. They fled up the road and into the bushes.
  • This place with full of alligators. When I say full I mean full. If you just fall in there they'll tear you to shreds. Don't worry, man.
  • Alligator! Just saw something sink down in the water. Just over there!
  • Shell watched Mr. Gidharee walking in front of him and it was still doubtful to him whether Rosalie had talked or not.
  • Tiger had sprung from the bushes towards Shell and he was frightened. This had set the blood pounding inside him.
  • Shell thought of what would happen if someone accidentally fell into that water. He made sure it wasn't going to be him. He pictured the alligators converging on the body and devouring the flesh, with blood oozing from the sides of their snouts. His heart began to thump again.
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