Forrbidden forest
Updated: 12/10/2020
Forrbidden forest

Storyboard Text

  • In this box my character Florence is my main character, the girl. The dog is her pet but eventually she finds out she can talk to animals and the dog becomes her guide animal
  • In this image Florence is talking to her parents to let her go because the animals in the forbidden forest need help and she is the only one who can help them. She knows this by talking to her dog,Granger.
  • This box is where Florence and granger go to find the unforribidden forest because there mom and dad say yes.
  • This box is where Florence and granger find all the animals and help them all but there might be a slight problem.Florence needs to sacrifice one of the animals and it had to be a dog and the only dog there was granger. So was she gonna sacrifice her only dog or not help the animals at all.
  • This box is where Florence finally decides she needs to make a sacrifice or she will die by the magic in the forest. She chooses to sacrifice her dog.
  • This box is where she gets back home and tells her parents what happened then they all started to cry but live happily ever after without the FORBIDDEN FOREST.
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