A journey to the center of the earth

A  journey to the center of the earth

Storyboard Text

  • I am harry.
  • Hi, I am professor Hardwigg.
  • I am tired!
  • I am very scared!
  • Did I sign up for this?
  • This story startes at my uncles house when he found a inscription a piece of wood that was written in laten backwards that says how to get to the center of the earth.
  • I want water!
  • we went to Iceland to find the entrance to the center of the earth we had a guide named Hans a very calm person and up we go!!! On the way we up it was hard to climb because of the steep stones.
  • Wow this is scary!
  • the professor finds the hole and they enter to find a passage to the center of the earth on the way in they choose the west tunnel but it turns out that was the wrong tunnel!
  • Yes! Finally daylight!
  • On our way we ran out of water luckly Hans heard a water sound and dug a hole and boiling water came out but at lest they have water.Hans got burned by the water but we had a medical kit to help him.
  • On the way to the center of the earth they come to a under water ocean that they call the central sea in their journey across the sea they come in contact with some sea monsters that almost kill them!!! Finally after a couple storms they reach thy other side!!!
  • Finally they reach the other side and and reach the center of the earth and make their way back home to the the top of mount Sneffel in Iceland and then travel home to England.
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