The Arrival of Train at la Coitat
Updated: 12/18/2019
The Arrival of Train at la Coitat
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  • The Orphans Board the Train to La Ciotat
  • Hello, I am Ada. For my whole life I have lived in an orphanage and this will change my life
  • Hurry up, kids we are going to miss the train.
  • The Train Ride
  • Look at them, without any parent that took care of them.
  • I don't want to go, no one will like us. We are orphans.
  • Don't worry, I know just the place for you, she is a very nice.
  • Everyone Except Ada
  • All the orphans found their home, except for Ada.
  • The little children clung to each other as they crossed through the crowded train station. They were being shipped of at La Ciotat since the orphanage had become too full. Yes indeed, they were orphans with no family. The poorest and shabbiest of them all was Ada, and her last name is unknown.
  • Ada's Teacher Takes Her To Susan's House
  • She is an orphan. We have tried our best, but no one is willing to take her. I know you will treat her well and you need someone as well. Come on Susan.
  • An orphan, oh! Can you find her another place, I have never taken care of children.
  • Throughout the train ride many people gave them awkward looks since by their state with ripped clothing it was clear that they were orphans. This was how most people looked at orphans and blamed them of their parent's death. Even though they were out of the orphanage, they were not still accepted by the society.
  • Miss. Smith and Ada's First Conversation
  • My name is ... it can be anything like Elizabeth. I am not an orphan anymore. Not right now. Ada was an orphan.
  • What is your name? My name is Susan, and I have lived alone in this home for many years.
  • When they reached La Ciotat, they herded the children to the town square and as the children waited the villagers glanced at them but most of them went away after giving some filthy looks. Slowly, the crowd thinned out and after several minutes it was just Ada and the teachers left. Ada started to sniffle, and one of the teachers started to convince the villagers while the other comforted Ada.
  • The End But Ada Continues to Learn
  • Susan, its my first day of school, its so frightening.
  • The EndHappily Ever After
  • Just then, one of the teachers took Ada and they walked to a dreary house. Then came out a young lady. After the teacher explained more about Ada's experience, Susan, that was what the teacher referred to her as, was startled, she wanted to keep her but thought she would not do a good job. After some minutes she agreed to keep the orphan.
  • After washing her up, they sat down together for some dinner. So far, they rarely knew each other so they started by introducing themselves. Ada figured that Susan was almost like her, all alone. Susan prepared dinner but it was not a lot since she had not expected her but Ada noticed that there was sugar in the tea and butter on the bread.
  • Ummhh.. Ada, Miss Smith
  • After a few months, Ada learned so much and she and Susan became best friends and created a very trustful relation. Also, she started going to school for the first time and the same feeling as when she sat on the train to La Coitat came again. She was excited and this time she had Susan by her side.
  • You are the only person I trust.
  • Ada, school will not be frightening. Trust me
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