Updated: 8/29/2020

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  • One bright Christmas day there lived a family with a dog named Charlie. He was loved by his whole family and the neighborhood for being a very cute dog.
  • Few days later, the family brought home a new dog, named Carlos. He was bigger, fluffier, younger, and stronger than Charlie. All of the attention that Charlie had moved to the new dog which made him sad and envious.
  • Carlos was a very friendly dog. He tried to make friends with Charlie but he didn't like him.
  • Out of anger and sadness, Charlie ran out of the house. He got lost and ran into a gang of bigger and stronger dogs with a bad intention. Those dogs were hurting Charlie, until they heard sounds of heavy footsteps coming to them.
  • Out of nowhere, Carlos jumped in and scared the bad dogs away, freeing Charlie from them.
  • Charlie was very thankful for what Carlos did for him. He got a different image of what Carlos may be. He thought of him as a very friendly person. After then, they became good friends who will help each other at all times.