tree fish
Updated: 12/10/2020
tree fish

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  • Chapter 2
  • Bye Mrs. Hall
  • ''Shay. Sit down''
  • ''The world gets dumber every time Ally Nickerson speaks''
  • Chapter 10
  • ''I know I know why did you draw this.''
  • ''I want to be invisible.''
  • Chapter 13
  • Flint
  • Nice job!
  • Here's my lunch ticket.
  • Ally buys a card because Mrs. Hall is having a baby the card had yellow flowers on it and all Ally thought about was how happy Mrs. Hall was going to be. Ally didn't notice that the card was a sympathy card.
  • Chapter 17
  • Mr. Daniels holds up a pile of notebooks and says ''you'll write in them every day'' but Ally draws a dark room and the next day Mr. Daniels says holds it up and says ''I know I know''. Ally drew a dark cube because she wants to be invisible.
  • Chapter 22
  • You killed it!
  • Ally stands up for Keshia by ripping her flower in half and giving some to her because Keshias got token away. Now Ally and Keshia both don't have flowers but their smiles are the biggest.
  • Chapter 29
  • Can you finish the puzzle?
  • Albert gets lunch tickets because he has no food at home and his dad doesn't have a job. Albert gets lunch tickets to pay for his lunch.
  • Flint
  • Ally got invited to Shay's birthday party and at the party, they went to a butterfly exhibit. you were not supposed to touch the but Ally did and got in trouble.
  • Ally figures out that she has dyslexia and Mr. Danials told Mrs. Hall, her mom, and the principal. The next school day she gets tests but they puzzle tests.
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