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Updated: 9/21/2020
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  • T E M P L E O F D I O N Y S U S, N A X O S
  • Hello Guys! I am Alexios! Today, we are going to talk about the religion of the Greek Civilisation.
  • The Ancient Greeks were polytheists, they believe in many gods and goddesses of all kinds. Some of them represent lightning, fire, seas, and Earth, while others are love, fertility, hunting, and war. These gods and goddesses were significant to them because they believe that these deities were guiding them in their daily lives. They also believe in creatures such as the gorgons and the minotaur to remind themselves that these gods also have wrath that can punish them for their sacrilege actions. 
  • M E D U S A
  • Z E U S &H E R A
  • A T H E N A
  • A P H R O D I T E
  • In here, we can see that the Pythia is revealing a person's destiny. Rumour said that the priestess obtained her prophetic ability after Apollo became the god of the temple at Delphi. Considered to be the centre of the whole world, the Pythia is often paid by the elites and is one of the most powerful women among Greeks.
  • O R A C L E A T D E L P H I
  • Now that we have discussed the religion of the Ancient Greeks let us move to the contributions of the said belief. The gods and goddesses help the Greeks in respecting each other, maintaining peace with other polis, and learning values. Even though some situations are not desirable, they still contributed commendable traits.
  • These days, Ancient Greek's religion is called Greek Mythology. It is common in works of literature, movies, and TV shows, making it an infamous topic for entertainment. The old temples that were a place of worship before are now use for Archaeological and Tourism sites. Distinct characteristics of the gods and goddesses also reflect a human's imperfections and strength.
  • Thank you guys for staying in our adventure! Hope you learn something new today! Bye and have a good day!
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