WW1- Battle of Vimy Ridge
Updated: 5/28/2020
WW1- Battle of Vimy Ridge
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  • Currie Mcnaughton Byng
  • Autumn, 1916
  • Yes. I visited the Somme to see what we need to change and we have planes leaving to photograph the ridge this moment.
  • And you're positive these new tactics will work if we train them enough?
  • Arthur are you sure we can pull this off?
  • Behind front lines 1916-17
  • Listen up soldiers!!
  • you set your guns up...... got it soldier?
  • The artillery has to be angled at 48 degrees when the men are 400 meters out.
  • Vimy Ridge
  • Front Lines
  • Vimy Ridge- April 9, 1917
  • we did it. we took the ridge.But... what about Mark?He's gone.
  • .
  • Think of the victory party we will have!
  • Someone get medical I've been shot
  • In autumn of 1916, Canada was given the task of doing what both the French and English had failed before... taking Vimy Ridge. British officer Julian Byng, along with General Arthur Currie (strategist), and Andrew Mcnaughton (artillery specialist), were in charge of planning the whole thing. 
  • Ariel photographs of Vimy were taken, tunnels got dug, and roads built to transport men and supplies. Infantry got special roles (ie. machine-gunners, rifle-men), and they spent weeks training on the "fake hill" behind front lines. Artilllary men calculated exactly when and where shells would hit, and no one moved until everyone had it down.
  • On April 9, 1917, the battle began. The four divisions followed the plan exactly, advancing just behind artillery, now known as the "Creeping Barrage". Mid-afternoon arrived and they had captured almost the entire ridge. in a few days victory was here. 3,600 died, but it was, in some men's words "the birth of a nation".
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