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Updated: 11/7/2018
Unknown Story
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  • Long ago in a small village, A couple named Hades and Aphrodite made two bundles of joy named Thana and Aisha. While they grew up their personalities started to show. By the age of two, Thana began throwing fits and hurting Aisha. She was really independent and said she does not need help. Aisha was the mommy's girl. She loved giving her family hugs and spending family time.
  • Later the twins started fighting way more than usual. The parents started noticing and disputing too. The parents had the idea that it was because of their personalities. Hades is the god of the underworld when Aphrodite is the goddess of love. So they then got a divorce.
  • So when they were three Thana went with her dad and Aisha went with her mom. The twins were home schooled all of elementary until junior high. In 8th grade Thana and Aisha graduated junior high and moved on to high school. Aisha started dating a guy and became popular and wise. Thana is not that wise and says she does not need a man. Thana is annoyed and jealous of Aisha's life.Then on the last day of school Thana decides to follow Aisha home. But before Aisha get's home she turns around and see's Thana. Aisha say's, "why are you following me home"? Thana say's, " because I want to see your big rich house". So then they start fighting and talking bad to each other. Aisha say's "you don't know whats happening in my life." Thana say's "what angles and happiness." Thana say's, " I don't even have a mom your lucky you have a mom."Aisha say's "well my mom has cancer". Thana says " well my dad gets drunk and beats me". Aisha say's, "oh I am sorry". Thana say's, " well that does not help".
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