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Facts: An Intro

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Facts: An Intro
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Fact vs. Opinion

Teach Fact vs Opinion

By Jessica Miller

Storyboard That is great for teaching older or more advanced ENL students more complicated topics. Recently, I created some storyboards to help me educate students about the differences between facts and opinions and how to state them in English.

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Storyboard Description

Introducing Factual Statements: Examples of facts that can be used as a template for your class.

Storyboard Text

  • Definition
  • We often use the verbs "to be" or "to have" to state a fact. But, we can use other verbs too.
  • We do not use perception verbs like "believe," "think," or "seem."
  • A fact is something that is known to exist or have happened.
  • Example
  • The sky is blue.
  • Example
  • Tell me a fact you know.
  • Penguins are birds, but they cannot fly.
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