English Project
Updated: 1/13/2020
English Project
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  • Every hero had either a weapon—like Fiora, the Grand Duelist who fights with a rapier and an Épée fencer's poise, she was my cousin Nan's favorite champion in League of Legends—
  • *TAP**TAP*
  • < Oh for your old mother's sake. PUSH MID ALREADY!! >
  • *Translated from Cantonese Chinese
  • *GIGGLE*
  • < Well, I guess your teammates are trolling, hehee! >
  • —or a special power like the monk in The Legend of Crazy Monk—a TV show that combined many Chinese mythologies that my grandma and I loved watching.
  • < Wah! He's formidable! >
  • < What on this planet is "hacking"? >
  • < Is he "hacking"? Cousin Nan taught me that. >
  • I wish I had both. So that I could pass like other students.
  • < How am I going to survive when I immigrate to the U.S.? >
  • < Wow I don't think I studied for this English Test! >
  • I have 8 cousins (on my mother's side), 4 of which were already in America. My parents, other 4 of my cousins, and I immigrated together.
  • < It's beautiful out there. >
  • < I don't think I've an actual ice berg before! >
  • < Look! That's the North Pacific Ocean! >
  • when we almost arrived, I was suddenly upset, probably because of thinking about how my life will be in America.
  • Why do I have to be Chinese? Why can't I just be an ordinary American?
  • When the plane landed, I felt like throwing up. Was that a turbulence? I don't know, but I knew for I fact that I was having a "turbulence". I ran to the restroom while everybody else was sleeping.
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