World water day
Updated: 2/26/2021
World water day

Storyboard Text

  • Do you why we have shortage of water?
  • Big issue, everyone has it. no idea why
  • The beach doesn't have enough water and it is poluted
  • I should go see my friend witch and seek for help.
  • The city was in trouble. people couldn't get clean water. instead everyone gets dirty water. this was a major issue too.
  • Hello mate, whats the matter. im all listening
  • Something needs to be fixed in my city. The water issue
  • Even the loveliest places in the city was ruined. For instance the beach was covered with plastic wastes thus making it polluted. Moreover water was getting scarce.
  • This is how it looked years before...
  • Determined enough, one person decided to find solution and end this pollution.
  • Oops I let my shower running
  • Let me brush my teeth
  • She explains all the problem with the water in her city and asked if there was any solution...
  • The witch friend gladly used her powers to time travel. she proved that humans waste water and pollutes them by throwing garbage into water after the human advancements...
  • The witch secretly showed her some ways how people waster water.