story about chapter 20
Updated: 4/6/2021
story about chapter 20

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  • There was once was a king, with three daughters who he loved dearly. He was happy with them and his throne.
  • His kingdom was soon under attack by an evil dragon who was destroying everything, and the people were scared and waiting for their king with a solution.
  • the king finally found a solution. His plane was to send his eldest daughter to see if she can entrance creature but the dragon had eaten her and killed her
  • After the eldest daughter was slaughtered the king was devastated, so he sent his second eldest daughter. She did try but ultimately failed as the dragon ate her as well.
  • The king had no idea what else to do so he sent in his youngest and last daughter to seduce the beast but failed as the dragon ate her whole.
  • The king was devastated and is now alone at his own fault.