The Pearl Storyboard
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Pearl Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • "You thought it was a thing of value, and it is only a curiosity."
  • "It is worth fifty thousand! You just want to cheat me"
  • This is a depiction of the office of the pearl buyer whom Kino goes to to sell his pearl. On page 47 it says "The pearl buyers' offices were clustered together in one narrow street, and they were barred at the windows". This setting shows that the pearl buyers get to spend their time in a much nicer place then the poor people of the village.
  • "Better pearls are made of paste!"
  • "It is a monstrosity!"
  • "I am cheated!"
  • "One of my clients likes such things, $500"
  • This is a depiction of Kino after the pearl buyers gave him what he thought was an unfair price for his great pearl and when he was baffled at the price and started to feel scared. On page 49 it states that "Now Kino's face was perplexed and worried".
  • This is a depiction of Kino's fury after he was told time and time again that his pearl wasn't worth much. On page 50 it states "Kino's face grew dark and dangerous". This shows his change from confused and worried to furious. It contributes to the theme of greed only brings evil by showing how his greed for even more money brought out a deep rage from within him.
  • This scene depicts Kino and the pearl buyers arguing back and forth over the value of the pearl. On page 52 it says "'I am cheated,' Kino cried fiercely." This event shows how the conflict was brought up by the topic of money, and that supports the theme because there would not be a conflict without anger caused by money.