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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • hi! i will be telling the story about single celled organisms
  • Maddie is starting the story about the creation of modern day organisms
  • life that once flourished was almost gone
  • there was no one to use the oxygen
  • the world was very simple, no real animals existed, just microorganisms
  • they were micro cell also and they made photosynthesis which made oxygen
  • the world was filled nitrogen but when the oxygen come along it became a problem
  • joe is being all cool about cells making photosynthesis
  • thanks to Cyanobacteria you and i both wouldn't be here.
  • Cyanobacteria are simple bacteria that were here 2.5 billon years ago
  • they almost wiped out the entire organisms because oxygen was toxic to them
  • they ice-age was the longest ice age and it was 0.3 billon years.
  • buurrrrr earth is cold now!!!!!!
  • almost every organism died except for some Cyanobacteria .
  • because there was too much oxygen the world went into an ice age
  • it was called the Huronian glaciation
  • jill is talking about the ice age and its effects
  • after ice age the world adapted to a normal temperature
  • the organisms also adapted to be more efficient and bigger
  • the aerobic animals figured out how to use the oxygen
  • caption mark is explaining how earth begin thriving again
  • sally and joe are thanking Cyanobacteria for helping us become who we are today
  • and all of our friends are aerobic!!
  • now the earth can do reagade
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