English Comic
Updated: 3/17/2021
English Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! I love art and how I can use it to express myself! Why don't we look at how it changed over time? I will be looking at Western art to help keep it simple but there is much more amazing art from around the world as well!
  • This is an example of one of the earliest types of art. They were made out of natural materials and showed animals, plants, rituals, and objects from the civilization who made them.
  • Paleolithic Era 
  • This is an example of art from the Medieval Ages. Most art in the West was focused around the church in this time.
  • This is one of the most well known and influential pieces of art that is seen almost everywhere! It's the Mona Lisa! This is from the Renaissance and was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is also one of my personal favorites
  • Bonjour Napoleon!This is an example of Neoclassicism which was from 1750-1850. Artists took inspiration form earlier periods and tried to recreate and breath new life into them.
  • This is an example of Art Nouveau! It means New art and is from the period of the Industrial revolution! I love the bright colors!!
  • Princezna Hyacinta