one love new

Updated: 1/22/2019
one love new

Storyboard Text

  • the first shot shows two characters walking down a long strip alleyway. we see them talking and this scene holds out for 5 seconds.
  • The next shows a shot of the third character(killer) placing his mask on his face before moving onto following the two characters in the first cut. the shot then cuts into another shot of the killer approaching behind the two friends.
  • the killer pushes one of the friends out the way then going in to stab the friend on the right hand side. the friend is then clearly in pain and falls onto the floor sloughing.
  • We then get a behind the back shot of the killer running away with the audio of footsteps playing over the video the shot then cuts into the characters friend in distraught and calls an ambulance and we get a low angle shot soon after.
  • The Last shot out of this shot is of the friend crying, with a the audio of a siren over it this then edited to have a blue and red light cover the scene and this is the last transition before the audio start.
  • This shot pictures the main character walking through a tunnel with a long shot directly straight at him this then transitions into the shot of the main character walking out of a gate.