Updated: 12/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 1. watery, formless planet earth suspended in darkness and void of space (no stars, no sun, no moon, no planets - except earth2. light 3. separation of light from the darkness and the first indication that the planet is rotating (day and night cycle produced)
  • 4. formation of the earth's atmosphere, separating the water into tow parts:(a) oceanic and subterranean water(b) atmospheric water
  • 5. dry land and oceans .6. system to water the entire land surface using subterranean waters (involving springs or mist, or both)7.vegetation, seed-bearing plants, trees that bear fruit.8. garden of eden (probably).
  • 9. sun10. moon - complete with establishing orbit so as to mark passage of time (months, seasons, and years).11. stars and other planets.
  • 12. water creatures of all kinds. (all that had "the breath of life" were vegetarian).13. birds (all vegetarian).
  • 14. land animals (all vegetarian): (a) creatures that move close to ground (small animals), (b) large animals, and (c) animals of use to man as livestock.15. man16. women (saving the best for last?).
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