Cannibalism In Wisconsin Chapter 1
Updated: 11/22/2020
Cannibalism In Wisconsin Chapter 1

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 1
  • Hospital Overran and dramatically Increased Casualties
  • Police, Surgeons, & Nurses Group Together In The Break Room
  • Types Of Enemies
  • Perceptive Cannibal: Stalks enemies by walking slow but will trail them for only up to 600 yards. Any length beyond that, Perceptive one will no longer pursue its prey.
  • A local hospital became overran with infected patients with a mysterious disease that turns people into killer mutants. Tomorrow morning, the town went into panic mode. Law enforcement officers, nurses, and surgeons work together to get this crisis under control. Most staff were infected and some police fell victim to this unexpected massacre.
  • Jack Rescue's All Survivors
  • From suburban neighborhoods to medical institutions, hospitals and clinics were raided and law enforcent agents were called to responce. Only 5 nurses, 2 surgeons, and 1 police officer survived.
  • Jack and Daryl Work Together To Find More Survivors
  • Giant Cannibal, Human Cannibals, animal cannibals such as elk, horses, wild dogs, and bears. Over 90% of enemies are human cannibals, however, if the cannibals can' find any live human prey, they go in the woods and infect and consume any live animal flesh they come across.
  • Companionship
  • After Jack enters Holy Angels Hospital, he killed 12 infected cannibals. With any handgun (except 44 magnum), it's a 3 hit kill. Headshots are always instant kills. Jack stumbles upon survivors in despair, relived upon rescue after waiting for 10 long hours, right before things got worse. The surgeons and nurses went home safe. Jack took officer Daryl Baker to the same police station Jack works at.
  • Jack & Daryl goes back out to find more survivors. Daryl leads the way to middle school but it's seemingly empty. Eventually they were fighting enemies and fled the area. Jack gets a call from Lucy, stating there are enemies in their neighborhood. They rushed there and manage to save Lucy. The story goes on if an ally dies. The game ends when all primary quests are complete. Each completed quests awards player money.
  • Jack can recruit up to 3 to 12 companions depending on his charisma level. It is possible that all companions can dislike Jack and never become allies again. Jack must complete quests and grant favors to boost charisma. When he dismisses a companion, he can send them to any safehouses and then the screen turns black for a brief moment and back to normal again.
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