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Syphon Filter 5 Features
Updated: 9/10/2020
Syphon Filter 5 Features
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  • Weapons
  • Handguns: M1922, AMT Hardballer, Colt Python, Five Seven, FB MAG, Glock 17, Glock 23, HK-P9, Jerico 941, K5, P229, OTs 33 Pernach, and M88.SMG: Vigneron, Rexim-Favor, Sterling, F1, MAS-38, MAT-49, Owen Gun, PPS, Scorpion Vz 61, American 180, MP5a2, Spectre m4, M960, PP19, PP90, Agram 2000, UMP45, and MP7.Assault Rifles: M16A3, M4A1, Type 63, M70, HK33, RK62, FN CAL, Famas, G11, APS Underwater rifle, Sig 540, K2, AK-63, AUG, AEK-971, T2 MK5, FARA 83, G36k, AK-103, OTs-14 Groza, F2000, CR-21, L85Light Machine Guns: INSAS, M240, MG-710, RPK, Stone 63A, K3, MG4, SS-77Battle Rifles: Sig 510, G3KA4, M14, M77Sniper Rifles: McMillan Tac 50, TRG42, SR-25, SoutShotguns: Mossberg 500, Saiga 12, M3, Spas 15, Neostead 2000, RB 12, RMB-93Launchers: Melee & Misc: Knife, Hand/Air Tazer, fistsGrenades: Frag, Flashbang, Flare, Smoke, Gas Grenade
  • Gears, Attachments & Outfitting
  • Head WearEye WearGlovesVestsJacketsShirtsPantsBootsFacial FeaturesMale or FemaleSuspendersHolstersBeltsSuppressor, Thermal Vision, Nightvision, Muzzle Cap, Red Dot Sight, Acog scope, 20x magnified scope, Extended Mags, Grenade Launcher, custom camo, ghillie wrap (sniper and marksman rifles only), dual wield (handguns only), under-slung rail, grip, bipod
  • Final Mission
  • Here are all the confirmed
  • Lian Is Suddenly Ambushed By FM Terrorists In Puerto Isabel
  • Players can customize their characters outfit and also give them different customized camouflages.
  • San Andreas Island & Providencia Island
  • Lian and Logan captures Franklin. Franklin explains what he did for Mara and Rhoemer and why he worked for them. Franklin's goal was to make sure all of Rhoemer's objectives were complete without attracting media attention. When the news reporters asked, he manipulates the whole audience. Gabe is given a choice to either arrest or execute Franklin. Player must use armor piercing bullets to kill Franklin, since he fully wears diamond armor.
  • The Two Stumbles Upon An Armory
  • Gabe is informed by the director that Lian was searching for Franklin as well. She was caught by a group of FM terrorist but Lian did not surrender. Instead, she is saved by Gabe. Surprised to see each other, Lian took a list of FM terrorist task to succeed without media attention and a VHS tape of "Where the final area of Operation" will take place before a nuclear blast.
  • A video between Franklin and his arms dealer spoke about forcing all of South America to never disrupt his work with the cartel and everyone will eventually live luxuriously instead of being stuck in poverty; The citizens desire might never meet their desire, since Franklin is a manipulative war criminal.
  • After Lian and Logan infiltrate the island, they hear three guards talking about South Americans obliviously under a nuclear missile crisis. Eventually they confront their arms dealer; can either eliminate or surrender and give all information.
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