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Syphon Filter part 16
Updated: 4/30/2020
Syphon Filter part 16
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Storyboard Text

  • Lian Fights With Japanese Navy
  • Ecliptic Shield Raids DD-154 Amagiri
  • General Surrenders. Japan Emerges Victory
  • After Lian's hard landing on shore, fracturing her leg, she is luckily picked up by Japan's Navy and brought on ship. Lian meets a Lieutenant Commander and is questioned what is she doing in that plane. Lian explains she is a Chinese MSS agent and is meeting with Gregorov in Moscow for loyal friendship.
  • Another one of Lian's Brief Meeting with Thomas Holman
  • After Lieutenant Commander Fujimoto orders Lian to stay hidden and rest, the Ecliptic Shield breaks in a kills a few security but is eventually defeated with the help of Lian. After the battle, Japanese first heal Lian's wounds and the pilots drop her off at Moscow International Airport.
  • Gregorov Finds Lian Outside of An Antique Store
  • In 1998, General surrenders and is captured by Japanese Navy and is brought onto Japan's supreme court. He received death sentence in prison and Ecliptic Shield becomes terminated.
  • SVR Strategy To Prevent Nuclear Missiles Launching
  • In 1997 Lian was told by Markinson that Mara is in Moscow about to confront and kill Gregorov. Lian then rushes to Gregorov in his office but soon found Mara in a room talking to Holman. Lian confronts Holman at gun point. Holman reveals to Lian that Mara wasn't going to kill Gregorov but instead threaten to keep away from nuclear missiles in Kazakhstan.
  • The building gets stormed by Rhomer's Black Baton. After Lian's interrogation with Holman. Holman eventually leaves with Mara, acting like nothing happened and told where Gregorov is. Lian finds Gregorov in a tan trench coat next to a phone booth. Lian and Gregorov go to the SVR headquarters to figure out how to prevent a massive casualty to Moscow
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