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User Interface
Updated: 5/20/2020
User Interface
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  • How To Use Grenade Launcher
  • Agency Headquarters
  • No DLC
  • Players who have a rifle with a grenade launcher attached simply press select which chooses grenade launcher that is highlighted
  • Online PvP Multiplayer
  • After accessing multiplayer, you can either choose go to a random lobby or quick matchLobby starts in 1 minuteChoose Your FactionTerrorists and Counter TerroristsATF, MI5 and CIA are the only factions that has females and diversityA choice to choose between 2 mapsA choice to choose between 1 weapon or all weapons match so players will find how useful all weapons are besides the general role they playA choice between standard and hardcoreAnd a choice to choose between 2 game modesPlayers can choose what reigon to play in
  • By picking whichever faction desired, players can roam around in a city with a movie theater, bars, and a small house to purchase with tickets as currency. Players can donate tickets, invite others to safehouse, have a emblem contest, and a beauty pageant to see who is the best looking.
  • Score Streak Awards
  • Unlimited UseCosts 3 tickets. Radar, Radar JammerCosts 4 tickets. Explosive Ammo drop Costs 5 tickets-Air StrikeCosts 6 Tickets. Drone Missile Strike and SAM TurretLimited UseCosts 7 tickets-Attack Helicopter, Tank Support and Attack Fighter JetCosts 8 Tickets-Two APCsCosts 11 Tickets-Strategic Bomber
  • No DLC but players will earn tickets to spend on score streaks, custom face paint, and custom camo for guns and outfits. Online in-game tickets are earned by completing co-op missions, winning games, number of points earned, and number of kills.
  • Roles Each Launcher Plays
  • Instead of having multiple menus to play a game mode there is two menus to get to a multiplayer match. I don't want 3 active servers and 15 inactive servers.
  • To access these score streaks. Players must pause game and click on score streaks and purchase one. Score streaks that cost alot of tickets have limited use for balance purposes.
  • M203, GP25, HK69A1 and M-79 for enemy infantry use. RPG-7, MGL, LAW 80 anti-ground armor vehicles. SA-7 and FIM-43 for anti-aircraft.
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